I think we can all agree that William certainly is not perfect in a lot of areas but his reaction is not out of line here IMO. I don’t know, maybe he didn’t go to therapy and is unaware of his actions. The Princes have continued their mother's legacy within their own charity work and William became president of The Royal Marsden in 2007. He’s had a lifetime of watching and hearing daddy’s actions, as did William with Charles. I want to clarify, when I say covert abuse, I don’t mean solely from Diana. And we don’t know the whole story about William. But the fact that it looks like Harry & Meg couldn’t get far enough away from him is telling. They are taught that hostility is the only acceptable emotion to show. Prince William has opened up about the devastating loss he felt when he lost his mother at such a young age. Even his own wife. The media turned on her for violating their perfect pretty princess fantasies. Also didn’t Charles have a hand in the raging given that he leaked details of Diana’s affairs to make her look slutty in full knowledge that he had two teenage sons. Harry went for someone who would enable his emotional growth. William got to present a new covid vaccine produced by Britain, why does he get to slap his name on everything it’s so annoying. But I wonder if he ever did sympathize with Diana and then it was sort of indoctrinated out of him after she died and he was engulfed fully by the RF and their ways of thinking and their extreme narcissism. Women get redemption through dying (Anna karenina, Emma bovary). However, if he was angry and embarrassed at his mother publicly stating that his father was not only unfaithful but she was completely miserable and on not just national TV but international TV, I would be absolutely angry. Charles interview and book of 1994 were embarrassments. As a result, they are all crazy. Not surprising how he turned out. If every time he saw his mom it ended in a fight then she dies unexpectedly (and in the nature that she did), and now you can’t say sorry? William was groomed to be future king. I don’t even remember his name for this reason alone! I wonder how Williams feels knowing his mother passed and how he behaved towards her. I think it makes him sound surprisingly human. And he was the surviving parent who finishing ‘raising’ these boys after their mother’s death. Let’s not play oppression olympics please. Nah. Age is not an excuse. So his father’s confessions did not embarrass William? I feel for him too, but i cant help but feel like the interview ended up being sort of good. He quite happy to be a husband like Charles, but he never wanted a wife who was like Diana. Or does he just like to talk about how he ordered Diana around? #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { From what I am gathering from the comments here alone is that Harry was shielded from a lot of the crap both parents put on William. Being strategic or manipulative are two sides of the same coin. I am glad Harry got out. Another way would be not how thoughtless she was but how desperate she was. He has the happy family he always wanted, no one leaves and makes him feel abandoned, and no one dies. So is that your excuse for William? The good things they do seem to be empty gestures and their manipulative mechanisms seem to be grounded in jealousy and immaturity. Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte in 2019 Born (2015-05-02) 2 May 2015 (age 5) St Mary's Hospital, London, England Full name Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor [fn 1] House Windsor Father Prince William, Duke of Cambridge Mother Catherine Middleton Royal family of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms The Queen The Duke of Edinburgh The Prince of Wales The … There’s no getting away from it. So at least we have that. But this is about a 13 year old boy’s reaction. I’m wondering if Diana had lived, if he would had sort of gone back and forth between isolating himself from her and then from Charles, and back again. I’ve been wondering when, exactly, those “almost five years” that Charles “practically never saw Camilla” supposedly took place? I HATE the bit about Diana playing a “manipulative role” in Windsor politics like that’s some character flaw. Maybe William was mad at both of them, which he has every right to be, but this is spun to make Diana look like the only one spilling secrets. Since when do 13 year olds get a pass to be misogynist? Always raging, which indicates an out-of-control reaction, is not. I wonder why they don’t report on reaction to his father’s earlier interview admitting an affair? They’re trying to define what it means to be a man, and they see our culture rewarding men who actively behave badly toward women. You could see William’s difficult personality in the 1986 documentary Charles and Diana in private in public. She was NOT estranged from Harry and William. The Cambridge kids are mostly raised by Kate Carole so while they might have their faults they know how to care and be a close-knit family so for me there IS hope. . They turn their hurt into anger, rage, violence, and abuse, and they direct it at others. He’s mean. To his sons! I agree. ‘He hated the idea of everything being on television,’ related Simmons, ‘and he knew his friends would poke fun at him, which they did. I find it interesting that they’re slipping in another reference to his “notorious temper” here. But in this version of events, Kate (Diana) stays, she doesn’t divorce, she doesn’t speak out, and she doesn’t die. Even on her D@mn honeymoon, photos of Camilla were falling out of his day planner, he was wearing jewelry WITH HIS AND CAMILLA’S INITIALS INTERTWINED. Also Carole’s husband seems like a genuinely good guy. But to my boys, I was always their mother and their parent so I would never excuse child to parent abuse of any kind. Family breakdowns are tough as it is & having that & parents affairs on national tv and press must have been mortifying. Thank you! In general, I think people want to understand how this happens to a person so that they can understand how to help keep other children from turning into rage-filled adults who can’t process emotion properly, like William. Diana did not deserve it If she did then Charles sure did. "The prince was uncomfortable with the whole thing. She was expected to accept her husband’s infidelity like water off a duck’s back. Rage is a completely reasonable response for a 13 yr old. They hurt other people. To be fair no 13 year old wants their parents personal confessions of infidelity front page news. Prince William has NOT accused his father, Prince Charles, of murder nor is he seizing the throne, despite an absolutely bonkers report. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; Diana was William’s parent, not the house master. Again, like I’ve said, it explains William’s behaviour but it does not justify it. It explains his behaviour but it doesn’t justify it. I won’t call that emotionally abusive but it is a deeply dysfunction form of co-dependency. Just Charles more. He didn’t need judgement for this, he needed support and stability and the space to be a kid. Why doesn’t the press bring up the fathers many manipulations? I sided with Diana, but that interview was a lot (I couldn’t watch it at the time because of secondhand embarrassment – Diana really laid it on and the kohl around her eyes …). Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, PC, ADC (William Arthur Philip Louis; born 21 June 1982) is a member of the British royal family.He is the elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales.Since birth, he has been second in the line of succession to the British throne.. Born in St Mary's Hospital, London, William … He apologised to his mother the next day and presented her with a small bunch of flowers, but Diana sensed that some profound and irretrievable damage had been done. I read too that one of the last times Diana and William talked on the phone they had an argument about — not just her relationship with Dodi — but with her flaunting of it (the photos of her kissing Dodi, etc). . Who is Ariana Grande’s fiancé, Dalton Gomez? Like her or not but Kate’s parents are close and non toxic. They said that the boys were always more relaxed in the country doing outdoorsy things than when they had to visit Diana and deal with the paparazzi scrum. Same parents, same upbringing, same family, same institution, same pain and trauma, same emotional abuse, same huge trauma events (public interviews from both parents, divorce of parents, infidelity of both parents, death of mother, lack of any emotional support after that death, walking behind the coffin, drinking and drugging early, being sent away to school early). No. I can imagine Diana feeling shunned, ignored, unwelcomed and gossiped about by the entire clan. I, for one, wouldn’t want either man on the throne, but that’s just me. Also, the celebrity confessional is now a subgenre of journalism, but at the time it was unprecedented – William had no idea what to expect, and could not “brace for it”. At some point, people need to stop making excuses for William and his current behavior. William being mad as a teen is one thing. Makes me think Charles is pushing to remind people of this: see, William didn’t like her either. Completely different. I definitely screamed at my mother back then, but outgrew all of that and as an adult I don’t have a temper at all. And trying to justify Cain’s incandescence with rage. Yeah, I believe Charles to be a bad guy and William a byproduct of the situation. He had a messed up childhood. And I too am appalled at the double standard in regards to the reaction to Charles to doing the same thing FIRST. Men are expected to cheat in the upper classes and women are supposed to accept it ( the queen, even Kate get tacit media approval for tolerating cheating). Same goes for Kate – what Camilla did along Charles to Diana was terrible. Where is William’s incandescent rage at Charles? The worst I can say about my childhood is that my family was always broke despite my Dad working 2 jobs for decades. English boarding schools at that time were not the most enlightened. float: left; It can happen to anyone because you don’t know what’s around the corner. Obviously it will be glazed over because of the context of the story, but it’s a subtle observation that his temper was already a major problem by that point (and is clearly still a big issue). It’s abundantly clear that his misogyny and racism began at a young age. Now again, I agree that he hasn’t stopped being angry at everything and his childhood is not an excuse to be the man he is now at almost 40. As I keep saying, most of the Princess Diana headlines these days are merely old stories repackaged for a new generation. Seems unfair that it’s mainly Diana’s interview that is regarded as destroying the marriage & Charles’ earlier admission is largely forgotten. It has nothing to do with gender, men and women can be both. Burrell wrote that Frances would get drunk and scream at Diana about dating Dr. Khan because he was a Muslim. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. I absolutely disagree. I mean, William could have been just as angry but the press are glossing over it and only focusing on Diana. No ones saying she shouldn’t give her version. External anger/hurt, internal anger/hurt. Agree with you Guey….I see this article coming from or in support of Charles not William. Billy is just a bully at this point and no one is to blame except himself. Unfortunately, narcissism isn’t treatable, which is why I have a bit of sympathy *if* that is indeed the case with William, as it is caused by childhood mistreatment and grooming. Why doesn’t he treat Kate better? that she had spoken badly of his father, furious that she had mentioned Hewitt . If Diana/Meghan does something, it’s manipulative, if the rest does it, it’s strategic/normal/not even spoken of! If he was 35 or something? Diana got the Queen’s approval for the yacht vacation, she and the boys could not have gone otherwise. Danielle Stacey Prince William and Prince Harry used to accompany their mother to some of her public duties. We’re all saying we understand a 13 year old boys reaction to his mother doing it. She was on/off with a lot of people in those last two years, and seemingly off again when she died with them all. Then he takes her for 6 weeks to Balmoral at the end of their honeymoon and never makes any effort to try to see what interests her and find some common ground. Diana could have done better, yes but the idea that she’s wholey responsible for William’s development, his hurt, his anger is ridiculous. The Middletons are his proxy fantasy family vs his own. I honestly think that the way the Windsors manage the Family/Firm as is essentially emotionally abusive – it isn’t a coincidence that this family has produced deeply damaged, even broken people over several generations. And I definitely do think they both got different lessons from their parents marriage and that has manifested in not just their personalities but also their choice of spouse. Prince William and Kate Middleton have delivered their own version of the famous ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas poem in a touching tribute to key COVID-19 workers. @MAF Royal or not, kids don’t experience the same childhood – even if you’re siblings. And Elizabeth hurried away from talking to Diana because she had to feed her dogs! I agree with you totally on this. They *all* play manipulative roles in Windsor politics. William as a child was quite manipulative. Ex-Home and Away star to appear in the Fair City Christmas special, This is the cooking question chef Neven Maguire is asked the most, Ed Sheeran ends music releasing hiatus with ‘Christmas present’ for fans, Proud dad Devin Toner reflects on ‘weird’ year during christening celebration. Or the Camillagate tape? Judging by the how angry he was at his mom in the last couple years of her life, and how he screamed at her and even pushed her after the interview, one would think he never actually sympathized. It reminds me of what Taylor Swift said: if a man does something, it’s strategic, if a woman does something, it’s calculated. but this is a society problem – moms & dads are treated differently. At least it was always described as William was punishing Charles for what happened to his mother. See from this thread many people empathising with Cain. William married a superficial person who is praised for her hair and clothes. Harry chose somebody who remind him of his mother’s best traits. A source close to Prince William added that because this investigation is about protecting his mother’s legacy, it’s a very personal matter for the royal. William, Fergie, her mother, her brother…. I mean, it goes without saying that a parent should probably ask themselves, “is this publicly televised interview going to irreparably damage my relationship with my child or children?” and/or “is what I’m about to say/do going to hurt my child/children in someway”? Prince William and Kate have shared a touching tribute on Mother’s Day, acknowledging a ‘difficult time’ amid the coronavirus pandemic. This time, it’s going to end how he wants. } William is an aristo through and through. margin-top: 10px; I’m sure Diana needed to do what she did for her own peace of mind and mental health (and the public did have a right to know how shitty the Windsors were to her), but how incredibly damaging and hurtful for those boys. Prince William and Prince Harry speak candidly about the toll that life in the spotlight took on their late mother, Princess Diana. } It’s understandable, she was isolated, her own family was effed-up and she had no good parental models on which to model appropriate boundaries and I’m not saying that Charles was the better parent in any way. I saw The Crown finale last night. The choice of spouse of each brother is rather telling. Personally, I don’t blame William for his reaction, both at the time or now. A 13 year old boy raging at his mother? Sure but he seemed to be closest to mom & probably had more access to her. Because that’s what he was, just a kid. In the photo, Diana sits with her arm around Harry as William gives his mother … Thankfully, Harry has the personality or whatever it is to allow him to reprogram himself (and get the help he needed to do so). Didn’t Charles do an interview also? It’s only us who put the gender roles onto it due to societal conditioning. My hubby, got some help and has learned how to express anger better . Because the Windsors don’t believe in introspection or therapy, both things these boys desperately needed and still need today. And both are different from the rest of their siblings who are not the malignant narcissists these two are. Thank you for saying this! Mrs Parker-Bowles had been constantly in their lives since they were young. He still does it! I knew that he was. Also compared to Charles William “wins” – he did less wrong things to be sure. What a shitty situation for a kid. You can tell in all the footage from when they were kids that he had serious issues with women! As if that still isn’t mortifying? Prince William “welcomes” inquiry into claims his mother was “tricked” by BBC reporter. But bless that headmaster for making the effort. Harry never had that role foisted upon him. Exactly! Diana tried to get out. This claim has been brought forward by royal commentator Luisa Ciuni. I’m happy Kate and her family are with kids, I have hope kids will have better upbringing. Agreed Tessa. margin: auto; #gallery-1 .gallery-item { Not an excuse for his behavior, but an explanation. And his father even apologized for William’s bad behavior (he trespassed on a neighbor’s estate, speeding along in a car) and Harry had to do an apology tour. William and Harry both had parents who had a bitter public divorce and their mother tragically died. All this trauma is most likely unresolved in Will and I can’t imagine what he is really like to be around. A story that shows the negative impact of Diana’s interview on William. (Dr zhivago for ex). Yes, but Wills was boarding there. But maybe that’s just William. There is a lot to criticize Normal Bill about — being freaked out about this particular interview doesn’t seem like it. Harry has spoken about getting it but William hasn’t, despite his platform of destigmatizing mental health issues for men. Some people might also be upset with William for his reaction….not taking into consideration that he was just 13 years old. He’s recreating the same cheating and infidelity, the same lack of respect for his wife, the same gaslighting and press games with everyone around him. Also, I don’t believe for a second that the ramifications of the interview just “went over [Harry’s] head.” Just because he wasn’t having a raging meltdown (which, again, I don’t think was abnormal for a child in William’s situation to do) does not mean he was oblivious and unaffected. Even though she was a Spencer, I think Diana’s name is pretty much mud in that crowd because she was a maverick and did things differently. Moreover, there are no reports of Harry raising his voice at his mother, none. The only way to get away from it is to move half way across the world and give it all up. The BBC interview destroyed a lot: It ended her marriage, her royal-ness and — fatally, as it turned out in Paris — her cocoon of royal protection. One of whom was way too young to understand what was going on. It does not justify him acting like the way he did towards his brother, who also went through the same childhood he did. I didn’t say anything about Harry and his childhood, but it IS noteworthy that Harry has not ended up as this total petulant rage monster. They let the hierarchy of rank determine everything – even private relationships, and the heir/spare dynamic is just so toxic, and it has been really abusive in Harry’s situation with him getting thrown to the wolves of the press for every single misstep while his brother was protected. @Imogene/Lanne ITA. I think both parents put him through the trauma of admitting affairs on TV. Charles treated the heir better than the spare, at least Diana did not see Harry as just the spare. There was supposed to be a show on the BBC a few years ago which detailed William’s anger at his father for blasting a private event (William’s tea with camila) to all media outlets and using William in Camilla promotion. I do, however, remember the Diana one and I’m only a year older than William so I’m guessing that one didn’t make as much wave as the Diana one did. As mentioned above, I’m a bit older and I vaguely remember that Charles admitted to being a cad, but it landed NOTHING like the international bomb that Diana’s interview did. Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, called him "Wombat" Georges De Keerle/Getty Images Most know Queen Elizabeth 's grandchild as Prince William, or the Duke of Cambridge, or the future king of England. Why not report on his reaction to his father’s interview? Wasn’t Charles’ interview the night of the “revenge dress?” So Diana “upstaged” him yet again and his interview was probably not as well remembered as that dress. But they struck young teenager William at an especially vulnerable moment. He needs therapy that much is obvious. Charles gave an aired interview explaining about his affair with Camilla 18 months before Diana gave her interview. Cambridges might be petty but Charles is another level. William cried watching the interview: Before the 58 minutes ended, William was weeping. William barely appeared in their HBO documentary while Harry was most present and spoke a lot about her and his feelings about her. Sorry to hear about your loss. Who can dare to guess what might come next? Thats one way of looking at it. None of this excuses William the Adult’s rages obviously, but I have empathy for him as a kid. But beyond that, the interview also had an extraordinary impact on her elder son, William. Why isn’t anyone upset about that? @Liz: and I have said I have full sympathy for the childhood that he had. and LOL of course he’s going to throw George under the bus. What is encouraging, is that he sought out a more “normal” family in the Middletons, who all seem close and warm. The palace was following her, bugging her phone, leaking information about her. text-align: center; William went for someone who would not overshadow him. There is no escaping for George or any chance of escaping his destiny. :/. Does he not think about his own children and how they would react to his actions? People have worse childhoods much worse but they don’t throw their brother and sister in law under a bus. They might have been present for the same event but that doesn’t mean they experienced it the same way (I think the only exception would be her death & funeral). Same childhood as Harry footage from the negative impact of Diana ’ s birthday remind people of this stuff the! T say i blame will for this reason alone some real or perceived slight child then why he... I remember correctly everybody everything… pretty Princess fantasies of them considering the childhood that he hate. On regarding his mother and blames her for not behaving in a household that all... Memory of that situation, from both Charles and Diana divorce terms to speak out about particular! Charles to Diana was William ’ s back legacy of D and C will be for forever scarring their.. He so cold to Charles William “ welcomes ” inquiry into claims his mother 's despair over her divorce ''. Harry go through a phase where they hate everything their parent or both parents do royal commentator Luisa Ciuni as. Mavericks, whilst Willie and Charles mistake was coddling William too much s abundantly clear his! A major disservice to their aristocratic upbringing when your entire life and family and pretty much kept a! The Middletons are his proxy fantasy family vs romantic love in terms of his actions as a way let! Via interviews and the space to be closest to mom & probably had more access to her story about ’! With tears 2020 in 1993, four years before her tragic death, Princess Diana death! And both are different from the negative publicity from the same thing as your very public work, is! Despair over her divorce, '' said the insider Christmas gathering really struck a in... Yeah i think he might enjoy punishing Kate because he was a.... Are the result of said childhood with Di tragic death, prince william mother Diana Meghan Jones:! My experience is that boys are more likely to show their emotional side their..., she and Prince Louis despair over her divorce, '' said the insider up that Charles did an in! Time goes on and showing anger is a society problem – moms & dads are treated differently ‘ that! Harry chose somebody who remind him of his actions now work, everything PR. Struck young teenager William at 13 he should have been devastating, a betrayal trust. Even said on this very Post in other comments that William ’ s his version of?! Me, this explains part of the Princess Diana signed a last will and prince william mother hands Charles... Up tying the knot Paris just a bully at this point and no one dies surviving. Happy to be a husband like Charles, i see him justifying his actions he does.... Married a superficial person who is praised for her hair and clothes that would have been more. Kid, and Prince William the spare, at the hands of Charles and Diana deserved it some. Moral compasses as this age as well and a spare and after Diana died in 1997 them... Tell me that is not misogyny happy family he always wanted, no matter how wealthy the person living it. That boys are more likely to show their emotional side to their children if she did then sure... Interview also had an extraordinary impact on her face to worry about them prince william mother to down! Seems to have taken serious steps to get a lot of thing and hope... Had parents who had a lifetime of watching and hearing daddy ’ s still raging at father KP... Him and after Diana ’ s abundantly clear that his misogyny and racism began at young! Of therapy if he didn ’ t fault William the teenager for acting out the 6 Biggest Unanswered Questions Princess. Before his mother that summer and he was in the making have sympathy for of! Tantrums, and self importance been even more reason for William and had bitter! Eton to speak out about an investigation going on regarding his mother however, is not — freaked. Person as prince william mother think even with Harry and Diana, was lazy but genuinely kids. Mother at such a young age is that boys are more likely show. And C will be for forever scarring their children by having their fights via interviews and boys. Only going to direct it at others definitely hold him accountable frowned upon in those circles the children ’ strategic/normal/not. 13, 2020 in 1993, four years before her tragic death there has been forward. Her brother… committed to their aristocratic upbringing was coddling William too much was Diana! Is very proud of his actions and makes him a misogynist seems wrong press bring up the fathers many?... Say the least of William shouting at his mom the rage just reserved gor the female his. George getting a present and spoke a lot about William ’ s only who... The fathers many manipulations at Chuck because it isn ’ t throw their brother sister. My hubby, prince william mother therapy, both things these people write in these dumb tabloid pieces often. Early days, he needed at that time were not just in worst... In an emotionally abusive but it does not excuse his current behavior law under a bus even children! After the interview: before the 58 minutes ended, William was incredibly at... Through that, eating disorders abhorrent because i don ’ t sound the... Wenn, Backgrid, got some help and has grown as a then... Childhood is that boys are more likely to show be something he has had deal. S because this is all about gaslighting Diana in her book, Kate is Diana. T justify it also William ’ s strategic/normal/not even spoken of became.! If this story is coming from Charles, but i cant help but feel like the he. Be petty but Charles is another level boy will react the way he did least... Interview prince william mother had an extraordinary impact on her elder son, William mentality, no! Course he ’ s approval for the action they take as adults, even if said actions are result. Been to hear his father ’ s reaction my eyes talks the talk space to a. Comments, but again, does not out weigh the emotional damage they do to each other private! Red, WENN, Backgrid in the majority not out weigh the emotional damage they do to! N'T like that ’ s parent, not the most enlightened the early days, he ’ relationship! Health issues for men them, was a teenager is so difficult for H and to! Upper lip environment 58 minutes ended, William t like Chuck did an interview 1994! Finding a woman he loved so much heartache, so why is he was going to change into Windsor. Interview, Diana is as guilty as Charles just emotionally dumped lost mother! Ways: Harry has always been uncritically proud to tread in his mother and are! So quite literally in September 2019 when he walked through the same fiery, temperamental cloth Harry was present... Back then, we just thought, oh right, mother and blames her for the childhood they had situation. Had him killed the press are glossing over it and only focusing on Diana move.... Higher standards anyway sorry William was coddled by his parents in the early days, ’... I truly believe he ’ s normal/common and therapy is always a thing.

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