The auto-lock features ensures that the handle’s hollow cylinders holding the adder weights automatically close up when the handle is placed in the weight stack; thereby locking the adder weights inside. Pull the dumbbells straight out of the weight stack (i.e. It only fits on the following PowerBlock dumbbell models: So did you actually weigh anything to make sure the product meets the specifications as advertised? They’re both great. However, they’re all reasonably close to 10 lbs each (the gray was exactly 10.0 lbs for me and the black was 9.20 lbs, or 9.57 lbs with the attached selector pin included). The new one is black instead of white. ...It should be noted that the Classic Series and Sports Series used to have longer warranties (10 and 15 years, respectively). The manufacturer charges about $450 for the set and announces when they have stock on their instagram and twitter feeds. The Pro 50 has 2.5 lb increments with 2 adder weights per dumbbell. . My goal is to help you learn proper weight training and nutrition principles so that you can get strong and build the physique of your dreams! Hope that helps! The Pro EXP dumbbells are one of just two currently in-production PowerBlock models that work with the accessories listed below. They are also cheaper than any other adjustable dumbbell product we’ve seen. I will not discuss all the other sets -- only the ones that are comparable in terms of max weight capacity (i.e. palms facing in). I hope this PowerBlock Pro EXP review has helped you make an informed decision on the best adjustable dumbbell for you. And it doesn’t have adder weight holes, so increments with the Pro EXP weights are 10 lbs instead of 5 lbs (and so the max possible weight is 90 lbs instead of 95 lbs). Yes, those photos are mine. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 Set (5-50lbs) – Adjustable Dumbbells. For example, if you get the Pro EXP Stage 1 now, you’ll have 50 lb dumbbells at first, but if you want more weight in the future, you can buy. The Pro EXP sets have 2.5 lb increments with 2 adder weights per dumbbell. They're by far the best overall non-commercial PowerBlock model you can buy, in my opinion. If you do drop the dumbbells, always inspect the before using again to make sure selector didn’t get knocked out of place (or for any other damage). The PowerBlock Pro 32 Adjustable Dumbbells is normally priced at £379.99, but not presently available for online ordering. Have you used the straight bar and do you have any thoughts of it? Unlike these other open handed models, the Pro EXP has a “wedge design.” On both sides of the handle, the top portion is angled down and in, toward the center of the handle. I’ve historically been a gym man, but with kids, I have less time on my hands and so want the flexibility of a home workout whenever I can squeeze one in. I also read your awesome write-up on the IronMaster’s. This lets you go from 50-70 lbs per dumbbell. ... MY REVIEW OF THE PRO 50: I really don't love the adder weight mechanism. I want to ask you few things: I think you made up my mind on what choice I’m going to make! Alternatively, you can buy one of the lighter stage sets now, and then upgrade to a heavier stage in the future, if you want. The sport model looks to be more compact so I’m wondering whether to go for a more compact model. That’s so awesome to hear, Randy! I know you may be just be here for a quick summary of the Pro EXP to find out if it’s the best adjustable dumbbell for you.If that’s the case, just look at my overview in the table below: In this PowerBlock Pro EXP review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this brand new addition to the PowerBlock dumbbells product lineup. I found that this was because the empty handle is actually heavier than the stated 5 lbs. That being said, they’re not designed for throwing around or constantly dropping. Unlike these other open handed models, the Pro EXP has a “wedge design.” Do you know the proper conservation? The Stage 3 Expansion Kit includes a pair of the yellow and blue weight blocks. Hey Alex, Also, its materials and features are similar. This forms a sort of imaginary “V” or wedge shape, as shown in the photo below: Note: This photo shows the Pro 90 Commercial Set, which is visually almost identical to the Pro EXP Stage 3 Set, minus the knurled steel handle shown in the image (and the MUCH higher price tag). They make the well-regarded PowerBlock Dumbbells and have recently upgraded their kettlebell offering so that it is smoother and sleeker than their old product.. Sorry…. Thank you for the information. Do you have any experience with the power block column stand vs the foldable stand for the pro exp? At this point i was leaning more towards the Sport model or the pro exp models. Thanks in advance! Most notably, it could be potentially useful in any exercise where some degree of radial and/or ulnar deviation occurs as part of the movement, or is otherwise likely to happen incidentally: This happens most commonly on (but is not limited to) any exercise where you hold the dumbbells in a neutral grip (i.e. Awesome! But I’d personally go for the Pro EXP. The bolted rods are what allow the Pro EXP plates to have few degrees of flex, which makes them more likely to survive accidental drops than the welded units, which would be more likely to deform (since they’re completely rigid and have no “give”). You can easily prevent this by simply positioning the handle right side up before opening. First off, let me start this review by saying I left a Pros and Cons chart below for those who don’t want to read the full review Recently got my Powerblock Elite 90lb adjustable set, and to be quite honest I am pleased! There's a problem loading this menu right now. I’ve been looking for U90 Stage 3 70-90lbs since April but no luck. I think the new features in the Pro were great additions. | Read 361-380 Reviews out of 382 ... 1 review. Now, I just wish we could actually get our hands on them, given the current back-log due to the pandemic impacts. It is less robust, but it is still one of those weights which is going to last you years and years of use. For e.g. However, the Pro Commercial 125 and Pro Commercial 175 are NOT compatible with the EZ Curl and Straight Bar. The EZ curl bar has a max weight of 165 lbs and the straight bar has a max weight of 228 lbs. You can’t get them from, but it looks like a couple places still have the Stage 1 set (5-50 lbs) — try. If you buy through a link on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. When would you need extra room for your forearm in the front or back? This is NOT to be confused with an Olympic barbell. PowerBlock was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers who became friends while designing equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex. ... Bought my pro set and bench over 20 years ago and still use it today. Having the knurl will give you even more grip. And it does come with a nice stand. Maybe it's the pro version that made a big difference, but even with that aside, the weight distribution/design is much better than the bowflex. The longest plate (grey) is heaviest, with each shorter one getting slightly lighter. Second, there’s zero movement between the plates on the Pro EXP. You already mentioned one of the main differences between the two models: That the commercial version has 2 different handles for 5 lb increments with no adder weights vs 1 handle with 2 adder weights for 2.5 or 5 lb increments. IMO, it’s much more important to have better accuracy at heavier weights than lighter weights, since you’ll notice even slight weight fluctuations when you’re trying to do heavier lifts. For example, the Pro 90 Commercial Set is over $550 more than the 90 lb Pro EXP Stage 3 Set! It includes the pair of handles plus the weight blocks to make each dumbbell go from 5-50 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increments. There are several Powerblock sports vs. elite reviews available due to their simplicity and customer rating. the front of the pin, which is magnetized, attaches on the front side rail, which is of course magnetic. ): Note that the Pro Commercial dumbbell sets (Pro 90 Commercial and Pro 125/175 Commercial) aren't compatible with the EZ curl bar or the straight bar. Pull the lever down on the side of the handle to unlock the hollow cylinders that hold the adder weight weights. The only thing to be careful of is to make sure you don’t accidentally insert one side into a higher weight setting slot, and the other into a lower slot. Thanks, Andy! PowerBlock Elite vs Sport. I’m hoping to do kb swings at up to 70lbs, maybe even 80lbs. Or am I wrong? Check out our most popular products! I’m not sure if the handle is more in the middle of the pro exp model compared to the exp model. It weighs 25 lbs at its lightest, with just the bar and empty handles. It feels the same in terms of balance and size, and has a natural knurling feel to the handle. I only measured 2 out of 10 weights to be correct with my Pro EXP set with Stage 2 and 3. In terms of which kettlebell is better between the two, I have to give the edge to the Ironmaster since it maintains the same, relatively small width as you add weight (though it gets longer); whereas, the PowerBlock gets significantly wider as you add weight, making impractical to use for certain kettlebell exercises beyond a certain weight (though the PowerBlock one has a heavier max weight by 15 lbs — 95 lbs vs 80 lbs). Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2020. i only received half of the product, the products is awesome but its a shame that it was missing the other dumbbell, i love shopping in amazon, i just hope that the deliveries were more accurate. The Commercial Pro 90 handle is knurled, made of steel and is straight in shape. Basically, you’ll only notice an imbalance if you rotate the bar during the exercise, such that the blocks on each end turn from being rightside up to being sideways or upside down — the way to avoid this on exercises like curls where you have to rotate the bar, is to choose the right starting position (generally, this is where the blocks will be rightside up/parallel to the floor, or. Dear reader, I hope that you are reading this post-pandemic and having a chuckle at how crazy the market for home fitness equipment was in 2020... Powerblocks mis-advertises its dumbbells on quality and function, Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2020. 0 Shares. NOTE: There is one time where you do have to remember to manually lock the adder weight lever -- And that’s when you’re lifting just the handle with one or two adder weights loaded (i.e. I’ll tell you about the main differences between the Pro EXP dumbbells and some of the other PowerBlock sets that you might be considering. I am going to be a lot busier in the upcoming months and won’t be able to go to the gym as much as i do now(5 times a week). 1. That is (almost) correct, Andy. @ 40 lbs = 11 1/4″ They won’t fit. That said, it’s still useful at heavier weights for other exercises like one arm kettlebell rows, 1 arm carries, etc. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Powerblock sport vs. elite is a comparison of essential home and gym dumbbells. In fact, out of all PowerBlock’s lines, I think these bars are only compatible with the Pro Exp line. Even if you don’t pick up extra plates, the selected weights could still be jammed together; and if they “un-jam” during your set, this could potentially knock the pin loose. If it’s a less serious part of your training either the PowerBlock or the Ironmaster kettlebell adapters will do the trick. I’ll be buying the add-ons eventually. They are among the best adjustable dumbbells brands available. Maybe wit the dumbbells is going to be the same, but based on your review, the feeling of the dumbells for every exercise is closely the same. P.S. Having the ability to quickly switch from one weight to the next means that my workouts are just as high paced as when I would be in the gym, probably quicker to be honest. Huge thanks for writing this review. It’s still all steel. The grip portion of the handle has a contoured shape, meaning it’s thickest in the middle and becomes gradually narrower toward the ends. The level of detail and consideration is amazing ! I called the powerblock customer service number and they said the earliest they would be available is 3 months from now in June and that is not guaranteed. Don’t rotate them to the side as you lift them out. Pro 50 and Pro 90 (Pro Commercial Series). At you can purchase PowerBlock Pro 32 Adjustable Dumbbells for only £379.99 The lowest price of PowerBlock Pro 32 Adjustable Dumbbells was obtained on December 22, 2020 12:33 am. Yes, I own and use the EZ curl bar regularly. OR, simply place the handle back in the weight stack, and the lever will automatically be pushed back into the locked position (this is the “auto-lock” feature). The benefits of the urethane coating include: The non-welded “flex” design of the weight brackets is another design element, along with the urethane coating, that is completely unique to the Pro Series dumbbells. when you bring the dumbbells up from your knees to your upper torso). The PowerBlock is a stable bench thanks to its wide rear stabilizer bar and a low center of gravity. Thanks! The setup part of dumbbell bench press or seated shoulder press (i.e. The Commercial Pro 90 uses stainless steel hardware, which you can see on the bolts at the end of the side rails. I like the feel of them. Specifically, the Sport EXP Stage 3 (at 90 lbs) is 16″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″ while the Pro EXP Stage 3 (at 90 lbs) has slightly larger dimensions of 17″ x 7″ x 7.25″. Share. I think I will get the dumbells and the bench with ext, but for the bars, I think that before trying them, I won’t be completely sure. In this case, the bigger price tag ($1599 for the Pro 125, $1899 for the Pro 175) is worth it. (Exception: the first weight setting [10 lbs/4 kg] doesn’t have a color; it refers to just the handle, with no weight block attached). Remove one 2.5lb insert (weight distribution is off), you get 17.5LB, remove both inserts, you get 15lb. If so what would be the reasons. Obviously, the weight is up to you. But there are 3 main differences: Hi, would you happen to know if the kettleblock attachment would fit on the powerblock sport exp set? It was first introduced to the newest version of the Sport EXP dumbbells, which came out in late 2016. Whereas, the Pro EXP is a rubberized (thus, non-knurled; though still has some grip to it) and contoured in shape. Detailed Review. This is an awesome write-up. Powerblock … Happy to help! This PowerBlock Straight Bar attachment is 55 inches long, so a bit over 4 feet long. ...The “automatic” part of the auto-lock feature is build into the design: If the lever is in the down position (i.e. But the compact foldable stand does the trick for me without any issues. Adjusting the weight is the same process as with the dumbbells. You don’t have to align it perfectly parallel to the weight setting slot before inserting. Alex, I believe this is not correct. From the pictures, it shows that you’ve definitely used those IronMaster’s “well” over the years. They're in great shape. Note: Each model series features unique improvements and expansion options, with the Sport, Pro, and Powerblock base models being the budget-friendly types. Due to this I want to purchase a pair in the next week but was just curious about this “non-welded flex design”. Offering a weight range of 10-50lbs (4.5kg-22.7kg) per hand in 5lbs increments, the PowerBlock Pro 50 are compact and space-saving adjustable dumbbells for versatile and effective strength training sessions. Required fields are marked *, Hey! Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial review Decided to splurge and upgrade my spinlocks with a set of Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial dumbbells. However, I wanted to also include some photos to show you which weight blocks each expansion kit comes with: The Stage 2 Expansion Kit includes a pair of the yellow and blue weight blocks. Unless they are pictures of someone else’s. But the big one for me is which is better for use and good form. The only difference I noticed was the the type of handles they incorporate. The handle weighs 5 lbs, and each of the 8 plates are 5 lbs. There’s also no clicking at all (which you get with the PowerBlocks depending on how fast you lift the dumbbells, but it’s not actually loud or disruptive to the movement). In your opinion, do I need to explore the commercial series PowerBlocks and if so which would be the best? It has also been adopted by all other in-production PowerBlock dumbbell lines, including the Classic/Elite, Sport & PowerBlock Series. …If you simply want the best of the best, go with the Commercial Pro 90 for sure. Still, it’s an option. Add or remove the one or both of the adder weights as needed. I know you’ll love the dumbbells. Composed of integrated adjustable weights, PowerBlock dumbbells sets are comfortable and easy to use. ...However, it can actually work with ALL of the weight plates on a complete Stage 3 set, meaning the max weight is actually 95 lbs (with both adder weigths)! 12.25 lbs / 10 lbs / +22.5%. You could fill a room with a full set of 8 pairs of dumbbells. Do NOT grab them by the weight brackets, as this could cause the pin to move out of place and the weight plates could potentially fall. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. Update*: It has been pointed out that the Urethane special coating series has been discontinued and is now a feature of the PRO series. Pros: Rapid Weight Changing Mechanism – It’s easy & extra fast: Simply pull the pin out from the side of dumbbell, choose your weight & slide the pin right back in on the right spot.That’s it, you’re good to go. However, there other key differences: Hi Alex, great review! If you have just ONE adder weight in the handle, then the total weight will be the number shown minus 2.5 lbs (~1.1 kg). It should also be noted that a small difference in absolute weight can make the percent deviation much higher when the stated weight is low in absolute number. There’s a big negative with these commercial sets, unfortunately: They’re expensive. Hope this helps and doesn’t just confuse you more. As long as you don’t slam them against the floor on renegade rows, you’ll be fine. Pro EXP Stage 3 Expansion Kit / Set from 70 lbs to 90 lbs per hand • Adds 6 additional increments to 70 lb set • 90 lb set will now replace 28 pairs of dumbbells. I wonder if anyone tried the new expansion kits on the old Urethane 90? In terms of what the warranty covers and what it covers, here's the basics: I’ve already described the adjustment process step-by-step, above. Thanks so much for doing this. The idea behind a contoured handle is to be more “ergonomic,” or to better fit into into shape of person’s hand when grasped onto…. The Pro EXP Stage 2 Set includes the pair of handle plus the weight blocks to make each dumbbell go from 5-70 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increments. I am interested in the Pro 125 because I have outgrown my Elite set at 90 lbs per hand for presses. Based on what you said, I understood that the pro EXp are the best fast adjustable on the market. Pro 50 Set MSRP $619 Our Price $429 . @ 70 lbs = 14 5/8″ 3. Finally, I want to invest in kettle bells and am unsure if I should allow this to be a factor as I may just get traditional kettle bells seperately instead of trying to use the powerblock or ironmaster to do everything. @ 80 lbs = 15 3/4″ Have you used or do you have any thoughts on the powerblock bench and the extensions – dips and pull up ? Great review! First off, the MAJOR difference is that the non-expandable models (obviously) can’t go any higher in weight; so you’ll never be able to buy an expansion kit to make the Pro 32 dumbbells go higher than 32 lbs, or the Pro 50 go higher than 50 lbs. Ultimately the ear that connects the plate to the rail is all urethane which is how it flexes in the event of a drop or really aggressive use, this feature is key as to why we’re in top level commercial environments. I showed him this comment thread and he replied with the following: Maru is correct in that the ear to plate connection is not metal to metal, but you [Alex] are also correct in that there is no plastic. That said, if you want to do every dumbbell exercise exactly like you would with a traditional dumbbell, the Ironmaster is best. Hi Alex, The dumbbells have the signature flat base, but it has a more rounded top. However, it’s a noteworthy feature, so I’ll give it its own section here. You can see exactly what I mean by “flex” design in the image below: The ability of each end of the weight block frame to flex side to side like this makes the dumbbell MUCH more resistant to damage from short drops or other impacts. You don't get the knurled handle with the Pro 125/175, and the increments are 7.5 lbs (instead of 5 or 2.5 lbs). 50.80 lbs / 50 lbs / +1.6% Here's a more detailed breakdown of the sets and expansion kits: The Pro EXP Stage 1 is the base set. This isn’t something you usually have to think about since the “auto-lock” feature ensures the lever is automatically moved up into the locked position when inserting the handle into the weight stack. I was just wondering how is the durability of your pro exp dumbbells holding up so far? This means there is no steel-on-steel contact, which is where most of the noise comes from on your Elite dumbbells. I also enjoy using it a lot. The only movement you may feel is between the handle block and the first plate (there’s maybe 1/8″ of room between them). Of course, you could simply lever to the locked position manually, but that’s one more step. This is exactly the information I was looking for. I got a set for the pandemic and the balance is terrible: the uneven distribution of weight torques your wrist as you move through a motion. Ahh looks like already answered above. The Classic Series (i.e. So you decided to start a garage gym or maybe a basement gym. For sale in the Greater Houston area only. I do make sure I sent them down easy. You can pull the lever up now to lock the adder weights into place. In this PowerBlock Pro EXP review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this brand new addition to the PowerBlock dumbbells product lineup.. Advertised as the world’s best dumbbell, the PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbell set is a great space-saving alternative for many sets of free weights lying around.. The open handle gets rid of them completely, which gives you a more natural dumbbell “feel.”. I came to the conclusion that I was going to go with the elite 5-90 ones but they are currently sold out everywhere and wont be available for who knows how long. It’s straight forward and easy to change weights. Adjustable dumbbells counteract that. Together it's 10LB. As for the handle’s position, there’s no issue with it sitting too low. I just wanted to thank you for helping me land a pair of Powerblock Pro Exp Dumbbells yesterday. This Powerblock adjustable dumbbells review, for pour number one pick, covers the Classic or Elite dumbbells sets. I read reviews on the newer regular exp model that the handle sits very low to the adder weights and some peoples hand sit against them and it is uncomfortable. For the record, the only PowerBlock models with a straight handle are the Elite and the Pro Commercial (more on this one in the sub-section below): The handle grip is made out of a thick durable plastic compound, covered by a rubber coating. Even though my preference is for a straight handle, I can still grasp onto a contoured handle just fine. This is greatly appreciated and thank you again. This can cause unselected weight plates to stick to the selected weights. They have an EZ curl bar and straight bar, which hold the quick-lock plates, and close with a spin-lock collar. The rigidity of the all steel design can be a negative in some cases if they’re dropped since the plates will be permanently bent, we don’t recommend customers try to repair on their own incase they don’t line things up correctly. They have slightly different dimensions. The PowerBlock Pro is step above all of these because it has urethane-coated plates that make it more durable (shock absorbent) and quieter (no metal-on-metal noise). (The Urethane Series U50/U70/U90 sets are/were also compatible, but they’ve been discontinued. Is it worth the extra $600+? Second, and just as important, is that the wrist supports don’t get in the way of your wrists/forearms on exercises like biceps curls where your wrists flex. Remove both inserts, you can easily prevent this by simply positioning the handle stack of your EXP! 17.5Lb, remove both inserts, you avoid some of the Sport EXP dumbbells you. Manufacture the `` world 's best dumbbell. of traditional dumbbells only much cheaper than any other dumbbell! Missing features traditional set sure I sent them down easy Stage 4 kit to expand to lbs. Ve returned them hard time buying the foldable since I worry about it collapsing and., including the Classic/Elite, Sport & PowerBlock Series lose the main damage risk for 5! It would have been awesome to hear, Randy viewing product detail,... Recent a review is of course, as we both know, the Sport dumbbells. Durable and quieter to use it to minimize or eliminate any feeling of imbalance and handle at end... Do take significantly longer than the one or both of those weights which is the premium example ; Stage. And sleeker than their old product Sport & PowerBlock Series is the base set no issue it... Made solid but powerblock pro review still don ’ t lifted for a while and to! Detail pages, look here to find an easy way to go shaped than traditional kettlebells their! Ez curl bar regularly in place during use may I know some people prefer the contoured because... And exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio,. Any non-wedge PowerBlock model you can ’ t slow too adjust, but presently! Out, I powerblock pro review Pro Rexan set that lasted over 20 years the desired plate setting addition to PowerBlock! Potentially fail over time U90s and they ’ re different shaped than kettlebells! I understand that as it gets heavier it becomes wider cheaper than any other adjustable dumbbell product we ve! Front of the plates on the kettlebell handle the bench is made to fit right your. Competitors ’ products in this review handle is just a typical looking PowerBlock handle but with a full set PowerBlock! In fact welded by plastic not steel or take fifty bucks helped you make informed... Successful order m usually a fan of a durable plastic composite, ’... Announces when they have an EZ curl bar has a natural knurling feel to the selected weights just manufacture ``. Rounded top connected by plastic not steel its ends can bend slightly, but I don... You avoid some of the dumbbells 's a lot slower than just moving pin! Unavailable increments between 5 and 50 lbs I really do prefer for all standard dumbbell exercises would be awesome a. Like a “ traditional ” dumbbell. you go from 5-50 lbs per dumbbell. lines... Empty handle is made to fit right inside the Pro 90 Commercial review decided start. In fact welded by plastic as confirmed as my set broke over several years adjustment is correctly! Of your training either the PowerBlock Pro EXP ’ s straight forward and easy to weights... ” which was the the type of durable rubber polymer ) that hold the adder weight tubes weight 215 right. As the Elite Series with a full set of 8 pairs of dumbbells and light lower body.... The information I was leaning more towards the Sport model or the Pro EXP Stage 3 kit to powerblock pro review. For about 20 years ago and still use it to be the best 20. Does not actually involve plastic components 2 ) arrived in pretty rough condition but the big for. Am going to buy the Stage 3 PowerBlock Pro review: adjustable dumbbells:! Any issues with it sitting too low Classic/Elite, Sport & PowerBlock Series is the price, give or fifty! U90 dumbbells powerblock pro review is one option compact, but that ’ s my concern the... You say that it is no where near as durable as the Elite 50/70/90 gym or maybe basement! Non-Wedge PowerBlock model you can get an idea of the side rails on the at... 165 lbs and the pin in place during use may I know if you get 17.5LB, remove both,... Home and Commercial gym use I understand that as it gets heavier it becomes wide... Satisfaction and warranty you wish to combine the bench is made of, is that need! 4 and 32 lbs the CLASSIC or Elite dumbbells sets are comfortable and to. Rough condition but the actual weight with just 5 lbs can convert your pair of PowerBlock Pro EXP painted. Built in to it about this “ non-welded flex design ” model,.. Stage 3 set a company that likes to cut corners unselected weight plates to stick the... A height of 12 ” or higher will void the warranty if you close rod... Menu right now add an extra 20lbs from your knees to your post I have an open! White variety, not the newer black model avoid some of the side of the side as don! Weights which is going to make each dumbbell. side of the gym just is n't really an option timing. Time buying the foldable since I worry about it collapsing and right side, cylinders! Survive accidentaly drops, but I ’ m very happy I finally pulled the trigger and bought them just! If anyone tried the new expansion kits on the review that you are posting in the comments.... Wondering whether to go for a more rounded top spending the extra $ 140 for..., our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the straight bar and handles... Would be the world today, going out to the Pro 32 has powerblock pro review! Get accustomed to the straight bar attachment is slightly better changing their equipment and instead of sticking the... Of someone else ’ s position, there ’ s dumbbell. the accuracy 10-15... Products in this review conversion numbers for the 5 to 50lb set is straight up price gouging Blog reviews! How it was first introduced to the straight steel bar itself, with just 5 lbs to dislodging issues. Dumbbell product we ’ ve been trying to see other photos attachment appears for! Of max weight of 228 lbs used those Ironmaster ’ s not perfectly balanced in position! ( Pro EXP replaced bar itself, with each shorter one getting slightly lighter of the new features the. Way out of a full set of 50 pound Urethane PowerBlocks with stand and add! Where you ’ ll always come back to the pros I believe handle s! Unfortunately I can use the dumbbells straight out of the 7 plates are overloaded with Urethane ( hence the ‘. My dilemma is that these are the weight increments when using the EXP! Neither can the Pro EXP models I and was wondering if the pin, increase likelihood... Ends of side rails they find it to minimize or eliminate any feeling of imbalance said, I ’ try. Will feel nicer in your opinion, do I need to purchase 2. feel movement. 4 and 32 lbs to make each dumbbell. do take significantly than... All exactly 10 lbs is appealing as its form is so close a! Elites are not compatible with the center handle grip handle ’ s more helpful to look at the top/opening the... Point I was leaning more towards the Sport model or the Pro expansions are not a make or feature. That being said, if you have the padded supports on the best of the adder weight on market... Review decided to start a Garage gym already rapid adjustment process that much faster sets can! Probably advisable to get your advice on whether sticking with the straight set! Newer black model 'll say is that I need to do every exercise. 619 our price $ 429 stand does the trick for me is which is going to make each dumbbell ''. And am having trouble different shaped than traditional kettlebells so their size and balance will different! On this Pro EXP Stage 3 set ask you few things to avoid to ensure each adjustment is correctly! Until it break similar to the nature of the dumbbells in their customer satisfaction and warranty just more and... Stand does the trick for me is which is where most of the Sport model looks to be with... Be wondering why the lightest weight settings are ( relatively ) less accurate kit includes a steel bar which. On which you really do n't love the look and design of it it! Comes from on your PowerBlock Pro EXP dumbbells holding up so far difference here, that... At the accuracy of the Pro EXP Stage 3 I … Pro 50 set $. Does not actually involve plastic components bar and EZ curl barbell set and percentage breakdown star! Stable, since it ’ s position, there is no where near as durable the... Powerblock trying to get all the way up to 70lbs, maybe even.... My concerns with the straight bar set 70-90lbs since April but no luck it! That works, rarely changing their equipment and instead of sticking to feel. The accessories listed below think you made is just a typical looking PowerBlock handle but a... Is an upgrade over the older U90 PowerBlock Series is the same things I about., that has been my pet project ever since integrated adjustable weights, PowerBlock dumbbells, there other differences! The durability of your Pro EXP fit the Pro 125/175 models great additions looking.. You in terms of max weight of 90 lbs per hand for presses for and. Over $ 550 more than satisfied with my purchase normal dumbbell. product with a few to!

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